Testimonial Video Review

Get Help With Chronic Conditions

Miss Cohen came to Coast Chiropractic Centers after not finding relief at her previous doctors and chiropractors. After her treatment plan here she was back to 100%! Not all chiropractors are the same, so put your trust in experience and knowledge with our 3rd Generation, Board Certified Chiropractic Orthopedist; Dr. Harcourt!

Back Pain & Neck Pain Relief

Jennifer S. came to us with such pain she couldn't even play with her child let alone go to work without hurting. After being treated at Coast Chiropractic Centers, she's back on her feet doing what she loves most and spending time with family!

Auto Accident Injury Care Here! 

Antonisha was rear ended and call us after another office wouldn't answer. Thankfully she chose Coast Chiropractic Centers where she received adjustments, physiotherapy and neuro-muscular re-education and rehabilitation. Now Antonisha can get back to work and have fun with her family. Thank you for being such a wonderful patient!

Don't Suffer With Car Accident Injuries!

Jennifer had just been in an auto accident when she came to Coast Chiropractic Centers. We used our exclusive SONOMA Method to identify, quantify and ensure maximal functional improvement in the shortest amount of time. Remember if you have been in an accident, you only have 14 days to see a doctor or you can lose up to $10,000 in coverage!

Let Us Get You Better Than Back to Normal

Mr. Wayne W. had suffered for months without relief from auto accident injuries. He went to other doctors and took "plenty of drugs" but neither were relieving the constant pain he has in his neck, back, and arms. We took him in and helped him out with adjustments and therapy and at the end of care he had no pain, better range of motion, and a constant smile on his face. Remember you don't have to suffer through an accident; you can get help!